Tyler Campbell

After trying to get out of bed and falling down after the 2007 football season NFL prospect Tyler Campbell, youngest son of Earl and Reuna Campbell, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The team doctor had suspicions that this situation stemmed from a football injury obtained during practice or a game. After an MRI, the results pointed to Multiple Sclerosis. Keeping the diagnosis a secret from his teammates, he worked on getting back into football shape. Tyler even received clearance to play football for the 2008 season and went on to graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Administration.

After his Pro Day at San Diego State in 2009, Tyler had another relapse with Multiple Sclerosis. After this episode, Tyler’s neurologist permanently sidelined his dreams of playing in the NFL. Not only was this hard on Tyler, but was also hard on his father, Earl, who had an illustrious career in the NFL and was concerned about the well-being of his son. Tyler remained in positive spirits, stating “When one door closes, another opens and I view my diagnosis as an opportunity to share my experience to help others.”  Since that time, he has become an active ambassador for the Pro Player Foundation and the National MS Society. “I view my MS diagnosis as a blessing,” he said. “I now have the opportunity to share my experience to help others living with this disease and make an impact on the MS community.”

Through joint physical therapy sessions, Tyler’s relationship with his father has also been strengthened due to Multiple Sclerosis. With Tyler’s relapse and the lasting injuries from Earl’s career in the NFL, they have both worked together to overcome the health problems that were in front of them. Tyler refocused his career and joined his father’s company, Earl Campbell Meat Products, as a Sales Account Executive. Tyler has also focused on building a family life, marrying his girlfriend, Shana, two years ago. A new addition to the Campbell family came into the world in June of this past year when Tyler and Shana’s first son, Messiah Christian, was born. Tyler, Shana, and Messiah are currently residing in Austin, Texas where Earl Campbell Meat Products is headquartered.

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis has changed the path of Tyler’s life dramatically, and he embraces the opportunity that this new path has given him. He even has bigger plans in store for the world, “I’m able to reach more people than I ever could have tried to touch running down the field with a football. That’s why I say my disease is a blessing. The way I wanted to impact the world playing football is not even close to the way I’m able to impact the world now.” Since his diagnosis Tyler has worked closely with the Pro Player Foundation as a host for their annual events Flavors of the Gaslamp and Flavors of Austin. As an Ambassador for the National MS Society, Tyler has passionately spread his story and awareness about Multiple Sclerosis around the nation in hopes of helping as many people as possible.

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